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Wir bauen das Schloss

Wir bauen das Schloss.

Gala Highlights Effort to Rebuild Famed Berlin Palace as New Cultural Forum; – (9.3.2008)

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Ambassador Scharioth Greets Dr. Henry Kissinger as Guest of Honor.
Ambassador Klaus Scharioth and his wife, Ulrike Scharioth, welcomed former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to their residence as the guest of honor Wednesday night at a black-tie event raising awareness of the major restoration effort planned for the heart of Berlin, the reconstruction of the Berlin Palace. The massive baroque edifice was damaged by bombing in World War II and then demolished by the East German regime in 1950.

Speaking to the distinguished guests from the arts, business, politics and journalism, Ambassador Scharioth called the site in the center of the capital city “the best location in Germany.” The reconstruction would at once restore the historic and architectural center of the city and create a new and unique cultural forum that brings together the arts, sciences, museums, libraries and universities Scharioth said.
The demolition of the Berlin Palace, part of which dated to the 15th century, left a hole not just in the city center’s physical landscape but also in the heart and soul of the city. The plan to rebuild, approved by the German parliament, will not bring back a royal or political symbol. Rather, it will create a place of encounter with world culture and knowledge. The faithfully reconstructed baroque façade will house the Humboldt Forum—named for Europe’s famous humanists, brothers Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt—with museum collections, various research institutions, seminar halls and performance space, all state-of-the-art.

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